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tv   Reagan Rising  CSPAN  April 9, 2017 6:00am-7:25am EDT

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rate in from the note, wiki with this one thing to tell you about reagan's self-confidence. in 1980s come is giving an interview to the reporter at "the new york times." this is in the process of gaining the nomination.
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he said something interesting. the fact that maybe one can be president, but more importantly that one should be president and said he had that type of self-confidence he should be president to carter is in the 70s. in the back. >> and kevin brown word. thank you for your hard work today. i like both of them have the highest regard for president reagan but a couple things he did confuse me particularly in the middle east [inaudible] he put on a big show in a couple days later -- the nike wrote in his diaries that the greatest regret in the greatest failure of his presidency was babe ruth.
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he regretted the position and not providing them with enough material to defend himself. he was really, really struck by beirut. reagan never went to the middle east and his entire life. never went to israel. it simply wasn't on his mind. what was on his mind as the soviet union and soviet hegemony. he was giving a speech in los angeles. and they asked him -- someone in the crowd asked about the middle east epitome talk about the middle east. once there was [inaudible] and the scorpion said to the crowd, carry me across and it won't sting you and it may carry
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you across an sting you. is that that's ridiculous, then we both will die. the drugs that's okay i guess i better do this. so he gets on the frog's back. the scorpion stings the frog and the frogs decided she did that decided she do that, now we are both going to die. well, this is the middle east. that was an unsolvable problem and has been for thousands of years or you could solve the problem and the baltics and the soviet union. back to him many friends. and the only time he ever really committed take military action other than gadhafi and things like that were sending troops into beirut.
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he also regretted telling him to withdraw the events on beirut because they were going to the foothills and clean up the radical shiite and so he regretted telling them to stop the israeli invasion. [inaudible] >> no, but i think that was something he had to do probably in private, but is also president of the united states in his gut to say something that looks reassuring to the world. but you know, they also said reagan was the best president, the best friend israel ever had. i was geopolitical because it undermines the soviet union and sold to the saturdays.
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open a boil and the price of the american consumer drop precipitously but also undermined this video on the world market, which is western dollars for oil and keep their war machine going. that was the real reason. it wasn't so they can improve their defensive perimeter. >> thank you for writing your book. if so tightly. i watched all chance and i often think please have brilliance. my question is about nancy reagan and comparing nancy reagan to melania trump. what is her role in president
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and can melania helped donald as much as nancy? >> i think everything melania goes out in public she helped donald trump. i mean that in a good way. she's obviously a very coming very brilliant, successful accomplished woman and i think that it speaks well of trump that she would marry him. but that says a lot about their marriage in her regard for him and his willingness to let her pursue her own dreams and goals and things like that. nancy reagan is a fascinating figure of american history. she never ever got involved with policy. she never said i'm not so sure about these tax-cut.
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in the pershing missile, but they sat in on cabinet meetings when jimmy carter was president. of course pat nixon never got involved with policy either. ahead of rival abigail and john adams rate for 54 years and are madly in love with each other. an old friend of mine was reagan's longtime political adviser. very close friend of nancy rate and then ran reagan's 56 campaign for governor. nancy driving onto the train train station in los angeles. and getting out and taking care of them and that they are at the los angeles train station.
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they are coming and going. the whole slow but kennedy and it's a mirror of it embracing as if they are the only two people in the world. he never witnessed a devotion as he did that day watching the reagan together. prefer to be in private with each other. somebody once said that nancy had been married to reagan when he was in his peak in hollywood he would've won two academy awards. but the other thing that i said about reagan if he wants to be a shoe salesman, nancy would've made sure your subissues salesman in the world. but she was sometimes with staff who she thought were hurting romney.
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she would combine herself to his care. was he being properly treated by staff, but the scheduled time, but the atmospheric around reagan but not the policy around ronald reagan. >> and geoff rowley, almost crowley, but not quite. i just have one comment and then i have a question. the comment on trump and nixon i believe i read that pat nixon has predicted that trump had a good shot at being president of the united states. >> yes, in fact he saw donald trump on episode donahue back in the day. she told her that makes him how donald trump was and had to go
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be usually successful the way to the presidency. president nixon turned around and voted not to donald trump saying she tells you are incredible and he put that many. >> the question i have is just with reagan, how was he able to work with independents and democrats as well as he did because he was so conservative, but he was able to draw them at the same time. ideal my -- [inaudible] they were much different than they are today. the reason many times they were able to reach compromises to a lot of conservative democrat and a lot of liberal republicans. part of the reason for this is that the parties both process
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what was known at the time stick it. franklin roosevelt takes conservatives, major conservative harry truman. the moderate dwight eisenhower takes conservative richard nixon. the more moderate jfk takes a more conservative lbj and mark conservative richard nixon takes henry cabot lodge. the parties operated in a sense of equilibrium for a generation or two. goldwater's nominated in 1964. they unify the party. bill miller is a little-known congressman from buffalo, new york is even more conservative than he is. goldwater at the time said she was asked why he picked bill miller and he said something
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like this about lyndon johnson even more than i do. but this conservative ticket begins the process of driving moderate liberal side of the republican party. they become the democrat, but also begins to process the track and conservative democrats. going through democrats and republicans and begins the process of reorganizing the two major political parties and it continues in 72 by george mcgovern who will pick the equally liberal tom eagleton said that the two parties represent pretty much monolithic ideologies. when it's all liberal can one is so conservative. they are able to work less together than they were say a
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generation ago when reagan worked with dan rostenkowski who was the moderate democratic chairman of the house ways and means committee to refine the tax policy in america that we still live under today since 1986. we still have essentially three tax brackets created by reagan and dan ross caskey. there was also bipartisanship on the pershing two missiles. there is a lot more comedy between reggae and the bully about democrat then there is now between donald trump and the democratic party. and actually as to the democratic party sparrow because they are defensive, you know, it's astonishing how much has changed in a generation or two.
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in 1975, 49 states had near or total democratic control of the governorship in the legislature. the republicans were only down to 128 members of congress. they couldn't stop any democratic legislation. they were down to 32 senators which means the filibusters stop the legislation. unless it's changed because now the republicans controlled the state has been republicans control the congress and the presidency. republicans really control the national dialogue. but all of that has changed in many ways because of reagan conservatism and the ability to attract conservative democrats and really shook up the political establishment. >> when reagan lost in that time. , aren't you upset about losing
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the presidency, the nomination? he said something like it was in god's plan. thank you. >> to follow up on what was said about reagan's failure in lebanon that this will be one of the legacies in full control right now saying this would not have happened. you had a similar situation with another extremely popular president eisenhower in 56 along with the soviet union. it took two world wars in the middle east for them to not go and make peace with israel and the keystone of american policy in the middle east.
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i don't see any accident in lebanon unless you have the deals and also to control the med also like to ask why some of reagan's political heroes? [inaudible] who are some of his soviet political figures? >> franklin roosevelt goaded and we just go back to the third in his private lebanon and beirut. i've never met anybody yet who can confidently predict the future. no president has that special talent. i don't know anybody who does. they did the best they can under the circumstances. certain dynamics that would have been, but when it comes it's
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almost a full as aaron to get men and saw what many people see as an invaluable problem. this franklin roosevelt and he was arming the soviet and germany. nobody can fault roosevelt for the buildup of the soviet empire because you are trying to defeat which you receive is the greater evil and the empires of japan. they do what they can do the best they can do with most of them. they've had bad precedent, but we haven't had that confidence.
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[inaudible] over and over is the only two qualifications that i say are experiencing character. i think we assert character 20, 30 times. and so, we've had 45 presidents. it was truly a person at that character and people who are lost in power. we've had people surrounded by bad people and wasn't afraid to say no. the other president and didn't know when to say no. reagan did the best and the
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results were in complete since the four days, they adapt. the only one really bad its success was carter. they are still durable, still in force today. so maybe carter probably have the greatest success of any president with the middle east. >> yes, i appreciate -- a lot of people look at him as evil. >> no, no. you have to realize that washington was like a mini teen 60s and 70s. can you imagine going to work every morning trying to walk over thousands of protesters, swearing, throwing bags of at staffers who are just tried to do their job to get to the white
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house to work for the president of the united states. washington was like an armed camp. it was out of control. it started with lyndon johnson during his daughter weddings. they would allow them to johnson to curse about it because they're trying to hear it during the wedding vows. 100,000 antiwar protesters: the white house chanting hey, hey, lbj, how many kids did you kill today? the national news has never done justice about how out-of-control washington was the mystics these and 70s and antiwar protesters . >> every day for four years. he was generous and kind and
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warm and funny. the antithesis of the vote. [applause] and thank you for that. final question. >> i followed the other guy. his political brilliance is the ability to manage the state. as a huge fan of reagan. do you think parallel and the way reagan is able to manage not in the same manner, but that was part of his success politically. >> well, i think he handled the national media better than republicans presidents.
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gerald ford was part of the national media. they never gave him a chance and they always respect the next thing, but they really didn't like mixing. it is cultural warfare. the media was dominated by one set of people in one set of values and represented a completely different culture. they would never, ever give him an honest break. reagan went out of his way back to court the media, but to detain them with self-deprecating humor, with access to interview him, with one-on-one. he was very good as far as being accessible to the media, which placated them to a certain
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extent. they still hated him and they still made fun of them and either delete this e-mail, the "washington post" was merciless in their treatment of ronald reagan. think of his funeral, they wrote that he may have asked a woman for marriage before he asked for nancy's hand in marriage. they even questioned his football career. that's a pity the "washington post" was towards breaking the week of his funeral. it was atrocious. day after day after day after day. this crystallizes when i came upon the least regarded ronald reagan. the new york city government but the funeral of franklin roosevelt had closed for john f. kennedy john f. kennedy john f. kennedy. a close john f. kennedy. the closer the funeral of lyndon johnson. it closed for the funeral of
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kennedy. the new york city government did not close the funeral of ronald reagan. that says it all, exactly how do you least regarded reagan. thank you. [inaudible] >> thank you very much. thank you to the fabulous monica crowley. [inaudible] i also want to line up en masse -- [inaudible] thank you all for coming. i really appreciate it.


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